The 7 Lenses

The 7 Lenses

Authentic Leadership

We need a new approach to leadership; this is a solution for making Britain better and organisations more productive: the Leadership Eye – a powerful lens to drive action and performance.

  • Meaning legitimises and orients missions. It provides the cultural justification for actions.
  • Missions direct and focus power, be they small or large. The value of a mission is judged.
    by the significance of its related meaning.
  • Power, quickened by mission, energises and modifies structures.
  • Structures sustain power, generate new ideas and press missions forward.
  • Resources equip structures and come from what is actually or potentially available in
  • Existence both limits resources and makes them possible.
  • ACTION is the central focus where the other six lenses, or dimensions, converge. ACTION is the completed act or fulfillment.

Authentic Leadership. The most universal and all-encompassing authentic action leadership solution grounded in the enduring views of leadership and focused in one Action Wheel to see ‘what’s really going on’ (INSIGHT), to drive high performance (FORESIGHT) and to correctly solve problems and their causes not symptoms (HINDSIGHT): all leading to the fulfillment of authentic action.

Courage in Action. The Leadership Eye can help oxygenate organisations with courageous leaders and teams who are engaged, aligned, adaptive and authentic; and, with a common language and collaborative approach, can make everyone count. No more, no less.

Leadership depends on an ability to frame issues correctly. The way we frame an issue determines how well we focus on the issue, judge what’s really happening and direct our attention and intervention for change.

The Leadership Eye and Action Wheel distil 100+ years of diverse leadership theories AND practice in to one lens, model and framework: personal, team/situational/behavioural, organisational, political, vision and values-based/ethical.

Successful leadership depends on the ability to leverage these features. High performance is enabled when these actions are addressed in sequence. The leader’s role is to guide the team through this sequence and use the Eye and Wheel for any necessary iterations.

The Exeter Group is a small, professional and personable action based consultancy with international experience delivering a group of initiatives and brands across the people spectrum of leadership, life and wellbeing.