Organisations need authentic leadership

Address Root Causes, Not Symptoms

Understand and resolve conflict; find common ground to unify differences

Positive Outcome
Unify goals and objectives; Reduce conflict

Retain Talent

Align employees and their managers making retention a natural by-product

Positive Outcome
Reduce employee turnover; improve teamwork

Make Great Decisions

Engage the influencers in the organisation to engage all staff; reduce resistance

Positive Outcome
Staff, management and leadership all pulling together and better aligned

Elevate Team Performance

Align team members to common goals and objectives; engage team members to deliver maximum effort; increase self-awareness and awareness of others

Positive Outcome
Team performance better by 10-20%

Drive Change & Quality

Recognise that all change involves loss. Values and goals must be clear and owned; affect change from the top and the bottom simultaneously; build strong levels of dissatisfaction with status quo into the process

Positive Outcome
Increase the success rate of change interventions 50+%

Improve Morale

Aligned employees are motivated employees; engaged employees are high performing employees

Positive Outcome
Motivate and engage the workforce

Align the Organisation

Ensure the alignment of stakeholders to any action coupled with the alignment of tasks to team member competencies

Positive Outcome
Increase alignment to drive increase in engagement to improve team performance and productivity

Improve Strategy Success

Collaborative process – all involved; deep ownership

Positive Outcome
Increase strategic plan success rate by 70-95%

Why Courage in Action?

Building leadership capability and capacity helps to develop the courage, individually and collectively, to take the necessary action to lead.

The biggest opportunity for organisational improvement is strengthening the adaptive skills of its people.

Research shows that 80% of business issues are adaptive: i.e. caused by individuals or teams that are not
aligned with the same goals and objectives.

Our Leadership Eye and Action Wheel framework builds adaptive skills. Our process is tangible and
reproducible creating a systematic approach to successful alignment of people and teams.

Positive outcomes and your ROI come from confident teams that have a common language and framework
for moving your organisation forward.

On the average 10-person workplace bike, only 3 engaged people are cycling heartily, 5 unengaged people are freewheeling and 2 disengaged people are applying the brakes and trying to nudge the bike off course! Better hope one of them is not on the front!!

By the end of the week, even the 3 people cycling heartily are becoming less productive and demoralised.

Employee engagement coupled with a systemic approach to improvement is key to empowering your workforce in driving leadership and action. An empowered and aligned workforce drives high performance and increased productivity.

Raising our ‘management performance by 0.1% can increase productivity by 10%’ (Andrew Hill, FT). Our business is to raise your leadership performance and get everyone cycling!

This is relevant to all sectors: imagine 6 or 7, 8 or 9, or even 10 people cycling heartily on your workplace bike? How engaged and powerful? How aligned and high performing? How productive?

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